Chambers of the Mind

Here within the chambers of my mind,

I walk the halls night after night.

My lantern resurrecting long forgotten shadows;

I can hear their whispers,

In the darkness within the light.

They dance along the walls

In between realities captured by sorrow.

Composing their existence

On infinite strings of emotion,

Coercing each hidden dream to follow.

Feasting on every vibration;

Every nuance of the human condition.

Each movement, a war in itself;

Chaotic, yet endlessly rehearsed,

Preparing for the day of perdition.

I move on, from chamber to chamber

Reliving each restless dream.

Every desire unfulfilled, haunted by the future;

Written and sealed by free will’s open fire;

Yet each closed door, a hopeful theme.

The inner chamber loomed through the darkness ahead,

As my shadows scatter and hide.

For inside my raven dwells, perched on a throne of fear;

Its claws my soul’s only blanket;

Counting each tear and scar with pride.

Surrounded by trophies of battles long ago,

And empty spaces of those in design.

Smiling back at me, sensing fear’s only comfort;

It shudders the calm with wings outstretched-

I wake, bathed in a blood red moon’s shine.



Ⓒ Written By: Stelio J.


A Wish

Wish on a falling star,

And your heart

Will fly to the edge of desire.

Through unspoken fantasies,

And dreams deceived

By a subtle seductive fire.


Through your eyes;

A sweet passion

Fills the open arms

Of a forgotten stranger;

Dancing on the petals

Of a blood red rose,

Weeping sweet, sweet wine.


Your face-

The face of an angel;

Carries a fools heart

Through a world of illusion;

And a subtle deceptive confusion.

Above the hands of time,

Where a smile warms the sun.


Your hands are cold, lips so warm;

Like the burning star in the night sky-

A symphony of fire-

A pulsing desire.

I could have sworn-

I felt your heartbeat.



Ⓒ  Written By: Stelio J.



Firefly, where have you been?

I’ve missed your midnight glow,

And the dance of the souls unseen.


I’ve been lost in a dream that is unforgiving-

Of endless exotic parades-

In the darkest of moonless delights;

Where many have fallen into shadow,

And an endless game of charades.


Firefly, where have you been?

I’ve missed your midnight glow,

And the dance of the souls unseen.


This darkness has overcome my soul-

My heart’s flame is on its last breath-

The fuel that has sustained me,

Is writing its own tune;

With the tears of prophets passed,

And the sweet memories of those yet to come.


Firefly, where have you been?

I’ve missed your midnight glow,

And the dance of the souls unseen.


Can you hear me calling, silently this night?

The cross of my birth, I can no longer bear.

A glimpse, a sweet utterance, the white light

Of eternity, dancing around my sins laid bare,

In the book of my life.

The quill continues, to write.


Firefly, where have you been?

I’ve missed your midnight glow,

And the dance of the souls unseen.


The scales of truth, are now before me-

The judgement feather, my soul’s torment-

Free will, the choice, to reach for the door-

Loves knocking in constant rhythm and flow-

The tear falls for those, below.


Firefly, your light I see in the distance,

Calling me to wake from this slumber.

But this mind is broken,

Into infinite little reasons.

To build and destroy-

To nurture and forget-

To create with an ancient passion,

Yet live all with regret.


Firefly, your power I feel in the distance;

Calling me to arms.

With faith as my sword,

And the wisdom of all destinies.

I will rise again-

I will rise again-



Ⓒ  Written By: Stelio J.

Into The Night

Into the night I stare

Across rivers and endless streams

A nocturnal dance of humble desire

Tamed by sadness and forbidden dreams


   (If I had wings

    I’d show you my soul

    With courage

    I’d enter your world)


But I’m free, I’m free

A captive among the restless

Don’t say the words, I long to hear

Don’t dream the dreams, I long to feel

My pride, my passion lay helpless

Within your eyes, forever concealed


Through crowded streets, emotion lurks

Within the shadows, a stranger and a thief

Compare life’s endless notes

Caught in the madness of the night

While up above, the laughter of the wise

Fills the heart of darkness

And contemplate the gift of light


   (If I had wings

    I’d show you my soul

    With courage

    I’d live in your world)


But I’m free, I’m free

Within my castle

My soul forever open

To the night


Ⓒ  Written By: Stelio J.



Autumn, she smiles at me again

        On the wings of a dove

        My heart flies again


        Through clouds of mystery and reason

        I hear the whisper

        Of the wind and the season


Autumn, she sighs at me again

        Seduced by a tear and sweet loneliness

        My soul defies the night, again


        From wise and mirrored dreams

        The shadow redeems the trophy

        Of sweet love, sweet life, and repentant schemes


Autumn, she sleeps again

        On the pillow of eternity

        Maybe, one day, I shall look upon her, once again



Ⓒ  Written By: Stelio J.


What is man’s faith?

But a vessel for lost memories.

Swimming amongst the chaos of today-

Trapped by ghosts of the living-

A struggle to make sense of this play.


Into darkness we dance and sing,

Believing the lie with all our being.

Where the fake become the real-

The false become the truth-

The sane become the insane-

And the candle that never burns

The hand that brings it to life.


But such darkness is overwhelming;

A comfort for the dead.

Dreaming the infinite dream

Amongst those minds, those souls, those hearts;

Are they not all one,

Moulded into divine right?


Are they not in themselves divine?

But alas, at war with their own uniqueness;

Conquering the truth at every turn.

Suppressing their destinies,

For a misgiven chance to earn

The next earthly mystery.

Never to wake and learn-


To learn the truth

Of a forgotten human-

To learn what was taken

From every newborn’s heavenly cry-

To once again believe-

To once again dream-

To once again create

The life that was meant to be.


Ⓒ  Written By: Stelio J.