What is man’s faith?

But a vessel for lost memories.

Swimming amongst the chaos of today-

Trapped by ghosts of the living-

A struggle to make sense of this play.


Into darkness we dance and sing,

Believing the lie with all our being.

Where the fake become the real-

The false become the truth-

The sane become the insane-

And the candle that never burns

The hand that brings it to life.


But such darkness is overwhelming;

A comfort for the dead.

Dreaming the infinite dream

Amongst those minds, those souls, those hearts;

Are they not all one,

Moulded into divine right?


Are they not in themselves divine?

But alas, at war with their own uniqueness;

Conquering the truth at every turn.

Suppressing their destinies,

For a misgiven chance to earn

The next earthly mystery.

Never to wake and learn-


To learn the truth

Of a forgotten human-

To learn what was taken

From every newborn’s heavenly cry-

To once again believe-

To once again dream-

To once again create

The life that was meant to be.


Ⓒ  Written By: Stelio J.

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