A Wish

Wish on a falling star,

And your heart

Will fly to the edge of desire.

Through unspoken fantasies,

And dreams deceived

By a subtle seductive fire.


Through your eyes;

A sweet passion

Fills the open arms

Of a forgotten stranger;

Dancing on the petals

Of a blood red rose,

Weeping sweet, sweet wine.


Your face-

The face of an angel;

Carries a fools heart

Through a world of illusion;

And a subtle deceptive confusion.

Above the hands of time,

Where a smile warms the sun.


Your hands are cold, lips so warm;

Like the burning star in the night sky-

A symphony of fire-

A pulsing desire.

I could have sworn-

I felt your heartbeat.



Ⓒ  Written By: Stelio J.


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