Chambers of the Mind

Here within the chambers of my mind,

I walk the halls night after night.

My lantern resurrecting long forgotten shadows;

I can hear their whispers,

In the darkness within the light.

They dance along the walls

In between realities captured by sorrow.

Composing their existence

On infinite strings of emotion,

Coercing each hidden dream to follow.

Feasting on every vibration;

Every nuance of the human condition.

Each movement, a war in itself;

Chaotic, yet endlessly rehearsed,

Preparing for the day of perdition.

I move on, from chamber to chamber

Reliving each restless dream.

Every desire unfulfilled, haunted by the future;

Written and sealed by free will’s open fire;

Yet each closed door, a hopeful theme.

The inner chamber loomed through the darkness ahead,

As my shadows scatter and hide.

For inside my raven dwells, perched on a throne of fear;

Its claws my soul’s only blanket;

Counting each tear and scar with pride.

Surrounded by trophies of battles long ago,

And empty spaces of those in design.

Smiling back at me, sensing fear’s only comfort;

It shudders the calm with wings outstretched-

I wake, bathed in a blood red moon’s shine.



Ⓒ Written By: Stelio J.


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